Couple Questions about the calibration process

  • So, I'm working on getting my smart effector calibrated and I've been running into a few issues.

    I'm currently running the 360mm Haydn magball arms and the standard v6 hotend (tried running ball cup arms before on a custom deisgned mount, but couldn't get it to work at all.) I've got a rostock max V2 maching and I've got a 309mm bed with plans to print out to about 305mm diameter.

    Running the stock Bed.g file from the reprap configurator at 6 points and 3 inner points at 6 factors at 135mm radius and instantly got me down around 0.05-0.08 on the deviation. Good! I played around and increased it up to 10 outer, 6 inner, and 6 factors, and then filled in individual height corrections. Since doing so it seems like every probing gets progressively worse. Best I managed was a deviation around .22.

    After eliminating a couple potential mechanical issues from the mix, things didn't improve. I went back to the stock bed file (10 spots at 135mm radius) and also applied 9 factor (just for the heck of it) and my deviation was .039! Ok... so maybe the outer bed is really screwing it up. I moved the radius out to 150mm and it calibrated at .023 on the deviation. Huh? I switched back to 6 factor, rebooted, (to clear out the 9 factor data)and it came out at .11. Moving back in to 135mm brought this back down to .088.

    In the guide I know it said 6 factor was the best for a typical delta and that 7-9 factor was only useful if one could get outside the triangle of the towers. How far outside? At 150mm and 9 factor I seem to be getting good results. My diagonal rods are hand measured at 360.24mm. The 9 factor calibration reports back a diagonal of 372.020mm

    Here are my current m665 after running my last g32.

    1/13/2020, 3:27:18 PM	M666
    Endstop adjustments X-1.88 Y-1.07 Z2.95, tilt X0.48% Y0.85%
    1/13/2020, 3:26:26 PM	M665
    Diagonals 372.020:372.020:372.020, delta radius 143.252, homed height 258.302, bed radius 137.0, X 0.659°, Y 0.060°, Z 0.000°
    1/13/2020, 3:26:16 PM	G32
    Calibrated 9 factors using 10 points, deviation before 0.122 after 0.023

    Does this look right, given what I mentioned for spec's on my printer above? Or should I just call it good enough and print away?

    I'm more than happy with .023 on the deviation (If that's accurate) as long as it gets me a nice first layer out to the edges of the bed for some of the larger prints I intend to do and stays dimensionally accurate doing so.


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