Connecting 3HC's to a Duet 3 + Pi

  • I’m having a hell of a time getting my 3HC’s to connect to my Duet 3 main board. They do not show connection with M122 B1 or B2, and when I attempt to update them with DIPs to 0 I get 4 flashes indicating the main board did not respond.
    I’m using RJ-11 phone cables to connect them.
    The firmware on my main board is up to date, my 3HC(s) is receiving power, and I have tried everything I can think of.

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    Which version Duet 3 main board do you have?

    Are you sure that the phone cables are wired straight through, not crossed?

    Do you have the CAN termination jumpers installed on just the last 3HC board in the chain?

  • Oh my god, I had not thought about the cables being crossed inside the phone line, wow.
    That was it

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