DuetWiFi Corrupt sd card?

  • Yesterday, I updated to DuetWiFiFimware-1.15b, which went well but I then tried to update the DuetWebControl and DuetWiFiServer and although they appeared to be loaded and installed, the version was showing as my original older version. So I shut down with the idea of resolving things today, however, I could not connect to my DuetWiFi coreXY machine.
    If I connect via usb and select the correct com port, I just get a connecting message from Pronterface, if I try bossac I get "No device found"

    So I have come to the conclusion that the SD card is corrupt and realised that I didn't know how to set it up again so that I was using the latest updates from dc42

    So I need to reformat the sd card and then create a working setup.

    Where do I get all of the files needed and what is the correct procedure for the pre-production DuetWiFi?

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    I have uploaded the SD card contents to our Github for reference:
    https://github.com/T3P3/Duet/blob/master/DuetWifiv1.0/SDimageFinal.zip (make sure you download as a raw file)
    Although from the description of your problem I don't think it is an SD card issue, with firmware loaded you should be able to connect to the Duet over USB even without an SD card, it will just initialise with default settings.

    What may have happened is the update process corrupted the firmware on the DuetWifi. I would follow the procedure here:

    (probably will need to do backup procedure 2 or 3)

  • Thank you very much for the information.
    I have now loaded the firmware using backup procedure 3 and can connect with usb
    I removed the comment from the wifi setting in config and am now running the printer via wifi and web control version 1.2 but I am unable to connect having an AJAX error each time with reason Bad Request.
    What else can I check?

  • Did you also update the WiFi Server FW?

    Just an Idea

  • Yes I did update the server

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    Do you have compatible firmware versions? I believe DWC 1.12 requires DuetWiFiFirmware 1.15 and possibly also DuetWiFiServer 1.02.

  • Yes I have the correct firmware DuetWiFiFirmware-1.15b.bin, DuetWiFiServer-1.02.bin and DuetWebControl-1.12.bin

    I had to rename the DuetWiFiServer-1.02.bin to DueDuetWiFiServer.bin and DuetWebControl-1.12.bin to WebControl.bin
    and installed them using a usb connection with M997 S1 and M997 S2

    Was this correct?

  • This is the output from pronterface when I press the connect button on the web control
    perhaps this will shine some light on the problem.

    Class Network spinning.
    Class Platform spinning.
    Class Webserver spinning.
    Class GCodes spinning.
    Class Move spinning.
    Class Heat spinning.
    Class PrintMonitor spinning.
    Request: connect?password=reprap fragment 2147483648
    Resp 2147483648: 000100c8 00000009 {"err":0}
    Request: status?type=2 fragment 2147483648
    Resp 2147483648: 000100c8 00000246 {"st…s
    Request: filelist?dir=%2Fmacros fragment 2147483648
    KnockOut request: filelist not recognised
    Resp 2147483648: 00000190 00000013 Unknown rr_ command
    Request: reply fragment 2147483648
    Resp 2147483648: 000000c8 00000000

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    Looks like you are using DWC 1.12 with DuetWiFiFirmware that is too old to support the new rr_filelist command. Use M115 to check which version of DuetWiFiFirmware.bin is actually installed. To fix it, downgrade DWC to 1.11, or upgrade the main firmware to 1.15b (or 1.15c which I will release later today).

  • You are right…... as always....
    M115 reports Firmware version 1.13 I must have selected the wrong file when in SAM-BA, I'll wait for your 1.15c and try again.


  • couldn't wait, now working
    Thank you to all who responded.

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