Duet3 Heated Bed fault

  • I can't get my new Duet3 to turn on the heated bed on either OUT0 connection.
    I have measured the voltage with a multi-meter (in case it was a problem with the heated bed), measured the resistance of the bed (2 ohms), plugged the bed into both out0 connections, tried BANG-BAND and PID, run the tuning command, checked the fuses, checked continuity (in case the fuses weren't plugged in), tried the 3.0 release and 3.01 beta firmwares. Everything else is working on my printer.
    The bed was working before I upgraded motherboards (and extruders to a hemera). The printer is a k280. I think I may have a bad board.
    All help is appreciated

    This is my current config.g

  • @ecobra said in Duet3 Heated Bed fault:

    both out0 connections

    i think thats the confusion. it is one in and one out, you need to connect Vin to the bed Vin if using the same power supply? Ref wiring diagram.

  • IMG_0192.jpeg

    The thick red/black wires come from a 24V power supply. The skinny white wires, in my case, go to the low voltage control side of an SSR (solid state relay). In your case, your bed wires will attach where the white wires are in that photo.

  • Thank you so much! That fixed it.
    I wondered about that when I started, got hyper focused on another bit and forgot I had a question in my mind.

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