Big enough Power supply?

  • Do i have a big enough Power supply? I have a Delta 200 watt power supply that was the original in my 3D systems Cube pro
    2x bondtech slim nema 17
    3x oriental .09 steppers, 2 z and 1 Xaxis (PKP244MD15A2)
    1x oriental stepper y axis (PKP246MD15B2)
    2x 50 watt mosquito heaters
    2x SSR one for 110vac chamber heat, and one for 110vsz bed heater
    Panel Due
    Duex 2
    Duet2 wifi
    7x 24vdc fans

    Is there enough to run some led lights also


  • Moderator

    Given that the largest heaters are on AC power, the rest of the system doesn't use an excessive amount. I run similar hardware on a 200w PSU without issue. Including a long strip of LEDs.

    This should help you do some more detailed reckoning.

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