Proper approach to dual extruder workarea setup?

  • What is the proper approach to configuring workarea with a chimera style dual extruder hotend?
    Right now I'm using G10 P0 X0 Y0 for the left nozzle and G10 P1 X<value> Y<value> for the right nozzle to set offset between both nozzles. The problem is that when I home X and Y (both home at left front corner, thats where endstops are located), if I start printing with the left nozzle at the left edge of the platform, when I switch to the right extruder it cant reach the same spot.
    What should I change?

  • You could adjust the M208 limits to allow travel into negative space. We won't print there but it will allow the left nozzle to go there during a print so the right aligns with the left edge of the print bed.

    Something like this:


    M208 X0:300 ; set 300mm width on x ax


    M208 X-10:310 ; 300mm X width, add 10 on each end for overtravel

    You could change homing script as well to G92 to X0, else it will show -10 when homed.

    Then set up your slicer as normal with the 300mm bed size and it should not have a problem with printing off location.

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    I recommend making X0 Y0 the centre of the bed, and using equal but opposite tool offsets for the two nozzles (so that the head Reference Point is midway between them).

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