Network logging

  • Hi,

    how hard would it be to add some network logging functionality to the printer? Ideally I would be able to define an http query which is sent at specific events, like on each layer change, errors, user cancelation, etc. Ideally the query could contain user defineable variables such as temperatures, filament consumption, total print time (like an odometer ;-)), idle time,... -this way one could easily drop loggs for example into InfluxDB.

    With the upcomming gcode extensions to allow for user definable variables one could even add additional metainformation from the slicer, such as the current material used. I would like to be able to collect long term statistics in order to quantify wear as well es for debugging printer problems. I just added an additional temperature probe to my hemera extruder in order to observe a potential heat creep problem. I can see the plot in the web interface but once I close the tab the data is gone and it would be very helpful to collect this kind of data in the background, allowing to see later whether a modification of the printer had some unexpected side effects.

    Best & thanks for this amazing piece of soft- and hardware,

  • the most things you can read by rr_status with a small sofware you can build your own loggin feature

  • But that would be pull instead of push, I would like the printer to be able to communicate events at the point of time when they happen. Push whenever an event happens would consume much less resources than contineously pulling...

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