Delta calibration and Mesh bed compensation

  • Trying to wrap my head around the differences in function for these two G32 and G29. With Smoothie I did a mesh leveling once and it saved that information. Before every print my starting Gcode template would only probe the center point to determine Z0.

    Now I am probing at least 6 points before every print with G32. Is this really needed or beneficial if the shape of the bed is already stored with G29? Should I be probing more points before every print?

  • If you have a M501 in your config you can save the results of the calibration.
    otherwise you replace the M665 and M666 in your config.g manually.

    G32 is used to align the delta while assuming that the bed is perfectly flat.

    G29 then probes the bed and compensates for an uneven bed.

    if you have probed it you could for example issue a G29 S1 in your start g code of the thing you are printing to load the last probing results.

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