HELP No Connection Possible

  • Just got my duet wifi, duex5, and 7" paneldue, followed instruction to step 10 then NOTHING. Tried all 3 versions of Fallback nothing works SAM-BA never does anything past connect. Is it junk?

  • 1.) Did you press the erase button accidentally?
    2.) What information comes up in the Device Manager for the Port? Could you upload a screenshot of the device manager window?
    3.) Could you also upload a screenshot of SAM-BA, so we can check that you have configured it correctly to flash the firmware?

    The Duet Wifi is not junk, but if it was erased it will need to be reprogrammed.

    A bit of background, OP also mentioned that he has 3 red LEDs lit and 1 green LED, so the board's power supplies are functioning. He's using Repetier Host and said that he can connect to the board but does not get a response.

  • Yes I hit reset disconnecting the USB, in a bad spot. When I said junk I meant broken.

  • "Bossa Port" is a good thing, that means the board is ready to accept firmware.

    Away from the computer at the moment, but it looks like you have the wrong board selected in SAM-BA. Should be AT91SAM4E8-EK.

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