Davinci Pro to Duet Wifi conversion + Simplify3D

  • It's alive! So the web interface is nice and all but is there a possibility of serial over ethernet/wifi? Simplify3D prints over wifi to printers like the Davinci Pro and a hand full of others which have onboard wifi…. I am not seeing it in the docs anywhere. Also is there a safe way for me to solder on an external wifi antenna? the davinci has one I could connect.

    Photo of 7" Panel Due installed in front plate of Davinci Pro!

  • Also the 3 wire LED inside the davinci, what would be the best way to piwer this from the Duet?

  • administrators

    I'm glad you got it working.

    S3D can't print over WiFi to the Duet yet. The forthcoming 1.19 firmware supports Telnet, so it may be able to do so then.

    LEDs can be driven from spare heater or fan outputs if the voltage they need matches those outputs.

  • would soldering an external antenna to the wifi cause any issues?

  • administrators

    I've no idea if that would work. We did make a few Duet WiFi prototypes using ESP-07 WiFi modules which have an antenna socket.

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