Markforged kinematics

  • I'm probably have a dim moment but for the life of me I can't work out how to setup a printer with markforged kinematics (or a similar belt design than the control electronics will see as the same) on my 2.02 firmware WiFi.

    I've googled and searched on here but can someone point me on how on earth to do this? Don't want to go the 3 for firmware as want to wait till issues ironed out and the printer is already built and don't really want to go back to the marlin board I've sat in the drawer.

  • So it appears m669 with axis coefficient is the way forward.. along with an upgrade to 2.05/6 😂

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    Read the M669 documentation in the GCodes wiki page. There is a preset kinematics number for MarkForged kinematics.

  • Yeah thanks, I'd missed the m669 when scrolling through the gcode list and obviously was searching for just the slightly wrong thing as now it's the first result when I search! Thanks!

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    In reality, M669 kinematics types 0 = Cartesian, 1 = CoreXY, 2 = CoreXZ, 5 = CoreXYU, 8 = CoreXYUV and 11 = Mark Forged are all the same except for the default axis-to-motor matrix.

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