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    It would seems RRF3 allows to manage 2 leveling probes. I've got an Duet ir probe on X and I would like install a second on U axis. How I can physically connect it ? An how it operate, DWC can manage a second height card ?
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    Although RRF3 supports configuring multiple Z probes, currently there is no way to select the one to use. That remains to be added. As for connecting a second IR sensor, on Duet 3 that's easy, just use any I/O port. The IR sensor works in digital mode with Duet 3 because the IO inputs have permanent pullup resistors. So any IO_ input will do, except that IO_0 is currently reserved for PanelDue. On Duet 2 you would use one of the endstop inputs on the CONN_LCD connector for the second one, or if you are not using a DueX then you can use one of the endstop inputs on the expansion bus.

    RRF only supports loading a single height map. If you need a separate height map for the U axis, I guess you could load the appropriate height map in the tpre or tpost tool change file.

  • @dc42 Thanks a lot. I'll trying that.

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