Problem with duet2 wifi

  • Hi I was told to post this on the forum I hope I'm in the right place
    Firstly I'd like to say up to this point I'd had no problems with my duet 2 wifi it's been great however the other night there was a strong smell from the printer it smelt like TCP so I shut the printer off and thought il have a look in the morning so I switched the printer on the next day and the smell was still there and then I started getting low voltage input warnings on the pc so I removed the board to inspect it I noticed the power in terminals was loose on the board and I mean really loose the wires were tight in the terminals I turned the board over to see the solder joints that connect the terminals to the board seem to have melted away leaving the terminal flapping around causing my low input voltage warnings. My question is am I able to return this under warentee for repair or replacement?

    20200203_145638.jpg 20200203_145804.jpg 20200203_145843.jpg

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    I am sorry that the soldering appears to have been substandard, and happy to approve a warranty return for your Duet.

  • Thank you what do I do next

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    Contact your supplier. If you purchased it directly from Duet3D, see

  • Thank for your help

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