• So i was trying to set up my ender 3 with the duet 2 wifi. This is my first time setting up a duet board but I have set up the MKS gen L before.

    I did all the wiring and uploaded the firmware to the printer. Everything looked great. I then attempted to turn the hotend fan on through the web interface and heard a loud crack sound coming from the board. I instantly turned it off to make sure nothing had gone wrong. There was no smoke and the board seemed perfectly fine. However, every time I try to turn it on now it just won't. There are some flashing lights as seen in the image and the CPU gets really really hot in a matter of 5-10 seconds. Hope i didn't mess it up too bad. Any advice on what to do would be really appreciated.


  • @guille-ruizmedia said in Duet 2 Wifi CPU BURNING:

    I then attempted to turn the hotend fan on through the web interface and heard a loud crack sound coming from the board

    odds are you have or had a short in your wiring, possibly between the Fan supply and thermistor input. If it still heats up without anything connected (incl SD card) I'm afraid its done for.

    Hard to say what would need replacing but odds are cpu++.

  • @bearer If I take it somewhere to get the CPU replaced, would it be worth it or do you think it probably has other issues?

  • its hard to say without being sure what went wrong, you could end up needing to replace most of the chips powered by the same rail as the cpu.

    I started this thread, but this is one of the cases where it would be difficult to up front determine what parts you should supply (and I'm not too keen on keeping stock of relatively pricey parts i don't really need)

  • When was it purchased? If it is under warranty, contact the retailer (not Duet, unless you bought it direct) for replacement.

  • @bearer I see you live in Norway and repair boards. I live in Spain. I'd be willing to pay you if you are able to fix it or at least try. Much rather have you take a look at it before I go and buy another 180EUR board haha. Let me know if you are interested.

  • If it would be covered by the warranty then try that first. Duet3d do have some borderline ridiculous (in a good way) warranty terms I just jumped the gun thinking that would not be covered.

  • @bearer only problem is that I bought it second hand. I'll try to contact the seller.

  • Ah, I see. Well I stand by the thread about repairing stuff; I'm just not sure there is an easy way to determine what would need replacing up front. The CPU is about €7 but if you have to add on the wifi module, various logic chips, possibly the trinamic drivers 5pcs at €6 each it quickly adds up to a lot of parts and postage.

    I would suggest you draw a line before hand of how much you'd be willing to spend on trying to fix it.

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    It's very unusual for the MCU to fail like that. Is anything else getting hot? In particular, check the WiFi module and the SD card. Also check whether you can still read the SD card in a PC.

  • @dc42 yeah neither of them get warm. The SD card works fine.

  • @bearer could this be it?


  • @dc42 the TR5 chip which I think is the mosfet for fan0 looks to have some damage. Maybe this helps?

  • @guille-ruizmedia said in Duet 2 Wifi CPU BURNING:

    @bearer could this be it?

    It could certainly be damaged, but I doubt it's responsible for preventing the CPU from working.

    If you have an soldering iron you may be able to remove it yourself. Put a blob of solder, large enough to engulf the part, on the tip of the iron and just place the iron on the side with two pins and wait a 2-3 seconds. With a bit of luck the part will come of with the iron when you remove the iron. Don't use to much heat or too much time, as you risk damaging the traces.

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