Cannot Get Prints To Move

  • I’m trying to start my first print on a new machine. This is not my first Duet machine, but my first Duet 3.
    Everything is working very well when controlled through the DWC, but I cannot get a job to run.
    I am using prusaslicer and if I include preheating gcodes within my start gcode those work fine and the hotend and bed heat up.
    However any other actions do not work. I’ve tried G28, G32, G1 moves...
    Even if I create a blank .gcode file which only contains “G28” it will not initiate G28.
    All of these commands, G28, G32, G1 moves, all work perfectly from the console but nothing happens when initiated in .gcode.

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    @KevinMar You're going to need to tell us a bit about your setup. Are you running with a RaspberryPi or other SBC, or stand-alone? What firmware version on the Duet, and (if applicable) on the RPi? Post your config.g too. When you say 'everything works' in DWC, does that include axis movements, tool heating and heated bed?


  • Are you running stand alone, or pi?

    If Pi, ssh in and run sudo journalctl -fu duetwebserver

    Watch the output when you do a console "home all" vs running that job with just the G28.

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