Firmware compatibility matrix

  • Can we get a firmware compatibility matrix added to the documentation? A simple table that lists the compatible/recommended versions of the Main firmware, web control, panel due, and wifi firmware?

    I'm needing to drop back from 1.18 to 1.17e, and I'm having to dig through old forum posts to find which version of the wifi firmware was compatible at the time 1.17e was released, so I can downgrade both at once. If this was documented and regularly updated as a table with new releases, it would also be of use to anyone upgrading. ie, Ok, I'm upgrading my main firmware to 1.18… table says I also need to upgrade my wifi firmware... etc.


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    The WiFi firmware version didn't change with the 1.18 release.

    We could produce the table you suggest, but it would contain a lot of "don't know" entries because when we upgrade DWC and RRF at the same time, we don't normally test different combinations of versions together.

    For version 1.18.1 onwards you will be able to go to the appropriate Release in the RRF github repo and view or download the complete set of files for that release.

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