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  • Hello,

    I have a had a recurring problem that I have not been able to trace. Sometimes, the job park the nozzle at the final printing position and let the nozzle cool before it goes to home, which means the nozzle gets stuck to the build and then the motors fight to break it loose from the job. Problematic for several reasons, right? It's possible that this is a slicer issue rather than a Duet issue because I do not always notice it, and because I sometimes slice at home (Mac) and sometimes on my work machine (Windows) both using Cura, but they may have slightly different settings.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you for any help!

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    This is probably being commanded by the ending GCode script configured in your slicer. What is that script?

  • Thanks David. I'm not aware of any ending scripts, and I couldn't find any in the post processing menu of my slicer. I use Cura.

    Sounds like unless anyone is aware of this possibility in Cura, I should be barking up a tree in a Cura forum?

  • @matteo2u

    … should be barking up a tree in a Cura forum?

    First, you should have a look at the last, say: 10 lines of your .gcode files - take one which parks the head properly after printing, compare this to a file which leaves the nozzle stuck to the build.

    On the Mac, you can open a .gcode file from Cura with TextEdit. Just scroll down to the very end…

    There, I think you might find something like M18 or M84, Gcodes who turn off the steppers, thus disabling any further movement of the head. Note that there are other candidates I’m just not aware of, look up the commands here to understand what’s happening.

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