Testing the wifi connection

  • Hi,

    I have a Duet Wifi and I would like to make adjustments to the pcbs position on the printer. I want find the "best" position on my mostly metal 3D printer.
    I would like to automate this process. Which brings me to my questions:

    1. What wifi related data can be read?
    2. How is the wifi testing done in the factory?


  • The RSSI* wil be part of the lengthy M122 output, should probably give it time to stabilize and average a few readings. And make sure to keep yourself at a fair distance to both printer and the access point.

    But I would by far reccomend the Wifi with external antenna, but by the sounds of it you already have the board. Wifi module can be changed, its a bit of work but doable with the correct tools.

    *) might be another value, but there is some indication of signal strength at least.

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