Geckodrive G320x and the Duet 3

  • Is it possible to connect the Duet 3 mainboard to a Geckodrive G320x for control of a 24v brushed DC motor with encoder? I am trying to figure out if it will be possible to drive the extruder on a Stratasys uPrint SE+ with the Duet3. Ideally I would like to be able to use the one motor to drive the model and support filament on the toggle head. I'm new to RepRap firmware and am not sure if this is possible there as well even if I can control the motor. Any pointers/advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • i think the answer is "not without expansion board, which is currently not available but in the works" (as an step/dir interface)

  • You can use a Duet 2 main board, running either firmware 2 or 3, your choice. That mainboard has an expansion connector with plenty of step/dir/enable choices.

  • I like the duet 3 for it's drivers and future options/support. Maybe I'll look into trying to remotely drive it using a Zesty Nimble type of setup to turn the screw. That way I won't need a special stepper to sure in the heated chamber. We will have to see. When the expansion is available I'll revisit this again. I'm still waiting to get the uPrint and will see what I can figure out when I can look at it closer.

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