Duet with Flex3Drive

  • Using Duet with a Flex3Drive on a Prusa I3. Does anyone have a configuration setup I can hijack?

  • I'm using a Flex3Drive on a Hypercube so my settings wouldn't be any good to you i'm afraid, but Jason should be able to supply the correct settings for the DUET

  • Thanks, today I made great strides. Started working on the printer yesterday afternoon and now I am printing, Not quite correct yet but getting there! And I sent a message to Jason,

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    The only changes to the configuration you will need to make because of using the Flex3drive that I can think of are that the extruder steps/mm will be much higher than normal (M92 commands), and you may need to use lower extruder acceleration (M201 command) and possibly also lower maximum extruder speed (M203 command). Also the pressure advance (M572 command) may need tweaking for best print quality

  • Yes I can confirm you need around 1800 steps/mm on 1/8 microstepping or 3600 on 1/16. Extruder acceleration around 50mm/s seems to work well.

    I can't imagine much pressure advance is needed as it's a direct extruder but a tiny amount might soak up the slight elasticity in the flex drive cable.

  • Looking for 50mm/s, here is what I have in my config.
    M201 X500 Y500 Z250 E250 ; Set accelerations (mm/s^2)
    How do I translate mm/s^2 to mm/s

  • Never mind, ^2 is acceleration.

  • I'm curious to know how the flex3drive works, as I've been considering it for my delta. What kind of retraction speed / distance works with the e3d v6 in particular, if anyone uses it with the flex3drive.

  • 1mm retraction at 35mm/s with 50 mm/s2 retraction works for me. Whether it actually gets to that speed with that acceleration, it probably doesn't but retractions are up to the job.

  • Sounds very good. I'd have to give up the Y adapter to do it, but honestly I'm not using it much… and I'd much prefer the more consistent retraction than dual color / filament.

  • I'm Waiting on my Zesty Nimble extruder which should be shipped later this week or early next looking forward to getting it on my delta and reducing all that mass around the effector


  • @kraegar:

    Sounds very good. I'd have to give up the Y adapter to do it, but honestly I'm not using it much… and I'd much prefer the more consistent retraction than dual color / filament.

    Its not the same as retraction from a titan feeding direct, which I've tried at 9000 acceleration, which does seem to be giving the gears a hard time. I'm also using 50mm/s2 retraction accel. on a direct titan on my corexy, as I fitted it to test piezo stuff in place of my flex3drive and just didn't change the settings and it gets rid of that click-click you get from the titan as it retracts/unretracts, without affecting print quality at all and speed much (there is a barely noticeable pause to retract).

    Also waiting on a nimble which I will fit to a micro sized delta (as it should fit).

  • Somewhere recently (I believe in this forum, in fact) I recall reading speculation that the zesty guys were licensing the technology they copied from Flex3drive. Is that true? That would get my support in a split second, as I'm a big proponent of doing right by people with whom you do business. It's clearly a nearly but for bit (or it appears so, maybe someone here can delineate the differences, if there are any significant ones). Any way,for what it's worth, if they are doing the right thing and licensing instead of stealing,then they're good guys and can be trusted, otherwise I'd be weary of anyone willing to steal someone's intellectual property without permission.

    Hope everyone is having a great day!


  • Jonathan

    They did indeed pay for a licence to develop there system and IMHO they have made it lighter and more adaptable to different mounting systems by having a set of adaptors (and they will Help to design one for any mount that is put there way) there has been some animosity since the licence was signed mind as Flex wanted them only to licence it in conjunction with a printer and not as a stand alone product tho I don't think that was enforceable the thing is pretty damned small from all the drawing's etc that I have seen.

    just my 2 penworth

  • Thanks for the insight, though the devil's in the details it seems just from your wording (and I will be the first to say that this is complete speculation since we have yet to hear first hand account of what really happened), but from what you just wrote, "flex only intended license to apply to integrated system sales only…(a logical limitation and a decision definitely suited to be made by the original inventor if he is so inclined to impose such limitations)"...but then you continue on to say "it's not enforceable" <~~ THAT is really shady, shitty, and just plain bad form in business. You don't break an agreement just because it would be difficult to prosecute such a breach. Before I read that particular clause you almost had me convinced that it was a simple matter of differing points of view, but now I see they just screwed Flex over and call it a technicality. Fate has an interesting way of coming 'round full circle....hmmmm....

  • Err, you start by saying that it's all speculation - which I agree with. You end by saying "but now I see they just screwed Flex over". That's a bit harsh in the absence of any facts IMO.

  • Ian Totally agree and with what I have seen I think it is a bit of sour grapes creeping in as the nimble guy's have made what IMHO is probably a better product only time will tell in this respect, tho The Snippet of the Contract that was posted in the Google Delta Group made no mention of the incorporation into a printer design at all and my wording was to imply that the intent was to do so but it was not stipulated, again this is conjecture as I am not fully privy to the whole facts but was witness to some of the Vitriol the guys got from a couple of people.

    Again Time will Tell

  • I think that what's needed here is a degree of reconciliation, the world is big enough for two cable driven extruders. I know flex3drive is a capable product I've had one for a long time and haven't found it lacking. I have high hopes nimble will also be a capable product and even more so that the two groups might see eye to eye at some point. I don't think 3d printing benefits from battles being fought especially in public and especially based in large part on opinion. This is not the world of gangsta rap.

  • Y'all giving opinions without knowing facts, equipped with only one biased side of the story. I will comment later, but some lead, others copy its as simple as that.

    This thread was about tuning the Flex3Drive posted by wannathermal, and hijacked into another topic.

    Wannathermal, did you get my email?

  • Yes, I received your email, thank you very much.

  • I concede that my conclusion may well have been harsh "in absence of any facts," as Ian so eloquently stated above, so apologies are in order and I am sorry for coming to any conclusion especially considering I have no clue as to the facts of the matter. Now, though, I noticed that the flex3drive creator is part of this discussion as he recently replied in here, so, in all fairness, maybe I can ask him directly what the deal is with this new device seemingly having very many aspects that appear to be scarily similar to the original flex3drive. The only thing that I do know, having taken basic law courses that touch upon NDA's and contacts,min general, that sharing all our any part of such an agreement is in breach of ethics, at the very least, and possibly breach of contract, at the upper limit.

    So, Mutley, what sayeth you on the subject, as I, too, am curious about the product Nimble claims to have designed in their own, yet don't want to step on anyone's toes by purchasing a product that takes away royalties that belong to you, in some respect, if in fact that is the case…please chime in so there won't be any further need to speculate, but rather lay the facts out on the table, thus ending the guessing game.

    Best regards to all and apologies if I offended anyone previously, I just for a moment empathize as I've been "screwed" over in the past and felt like I was having de ja vu upon reading the technical explanation of the "unenforceable" element of said contact.



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