CoreXY Dual Endstops on Y

  • I'm building a CoreXY printer with a moving gantry in the Y axis (front to back).

    Is it possible to use dual endstops, one for each end of the gantry, to tram the gantry so it hits both endstops at the same time?

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    I think so, in the same way that someone used multiple Z endstops recently. The principle is to use M584 to drive both Y motors together most of the time, but during Y homing you remap one of the Y motors to a spare axis (e.g. U), then you home Y and U simultaneously. Then use M584 again to assign both motors to the Y axis.

  • So something like:

    M584 Y0 U1

    G28 YU

    M584 Y01

    I will also be using 4 steppers on the Z axis, and I plan to use either 4 individual endstops, or a Z-probe…

    How many endstops can I hook up?

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    The maximum number of endstops supported is currently 6.

  • Even with a Duex5 expansion board?

  • I see the details now:

    5 Endstops + Z Probe on Duet Wifi/Ethernet

    Additional 5 Endstops on Duex5.

    How are the endstops bound/linked to the axis/axises?

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    At present each endstop has to be associated with an axis, and the maximum number of axes supported is 6. So additional endstop inputs beyond 6 can be used to trigger macros but not to home axes.

  • Got it, thanks.

    Then I will use 2 on the Y/U axis, 1 on the X axis, and I'll use the IR probe on the Z axis.

    For the Z axis, I'll home in the center, use the M584 trick to split the Z axis into 4 channels.

    Then move the Z probe over 4 corners, and re-home each corner.

    M584 to join the 4 steppers into Z axis again, and home in center to set Z height.

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