Duet 3 Connectors

  • What the name of the Duet 3 Connectors that connect to the stepper motors. (the part that is crimped). Even though I have a ratcheting crimping tool, I am still struggling with them and will need to get more.

  • I've found that a medium priced "thin metal" crimper gives me more success. It does take more than one step; after you figure it out, it is very consistent in producing a quality crimp.

    Keep in mind that the expensive ones are designed for high rate-per-hour production. As such, they tend to be very oriented toward ONE connector and do not play well outside their space.

    The thin ones are much more adaptable, with a little operator experimentation.

    This is the one I use, both on the "little" and "big" crimps included with the duet:


    Search for "Crimper PA-21" if that link goes dead.

  • Thanks, My issue is I need new glasses and my hands have a slight tremor 🙂 Once you know the name of what you are looking for, they are much easier to source.

  • +1 on the PA21 crimper.

    I have about 3 or 4 PA "engineering" crimper's in various sizes to handle most of what I do, i personally dont like ratchet style crimpers as it is too easy to mess up and fiddly and a down right P.I.T.A to unlatch if you need to "re-set" the crimp for any reason.

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