Error Updating to 1.18

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    Updating my firmware to 1.18 so I can see my heightmap. The WiFi firmware updated just fine but when I try to upload the DuetWebControl files it reports an error of 'Incorrect Password'. It does this after the panelDue steps down through the baud rates trying to upload the file. PanelDue reports unsuccessful upload. I noticed on GitHub that iap4e.bin was created at the same time as the DuetWebControl. Should this file be put somewhere? There is no reference to it in the documentation that I am following.

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    hi yes iap4e.bin should be in the sys directory on the SD card, same directory as the DuetWebControl.bin

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    but i think it might be there if the DuetWifi firmware updated

  • Okay, I uploaded the new iap4e.bin and tried using M997 S2 to load the DuetWebControl and exactly the same happened. On the PanelDue screen it shows it attempting art various baud rates, starting at the highest and working down to the lowest. After it reaches the lowest it comes up with a message saying something about unable to load but the message does not display for more than a second or so and disappears before I can read it all.

    In the meantime, on the web screen, it shows the message 'Invalid Password, If I try to connect it asks for a password which I don't have. If I shut down the printer and re-start it fires up okay but with the older version, 1.17e.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • I decided to try again but this time I uploaded and installed the files one at a time and this worked and both firmware and webcontrol show the correct versions. However, the heightmap is still being saved but cannot be read using M375, I keep getting the error; Error: Failed to load height map from file heightmap.csv: invalid grid

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    Please post your heightmap.csv file on Dropbox or similar and post a link to it, so that I can investigate.

  • Thanks dc42 but the problem has been solved. T3P3Tony put me right as I was using G32 instead of G29. All good now.

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