Dual Extruder Switching When Out of Filament

  • On duet2 wifi with dual extruder (2 in 1 out), Is it possible to switch to the other filament if one of the filament out sensor is triggered? It would be much better if it can be done automatically.

  • administrators

    That should be possible, using a simple filament-out switch and M581 to set the firmware to run a trigger macro in response to it. If you are certain that the slicer never generates tool change commands, then the macro could just do a tool change. Otherwise you could have the macro pause the print, wait for motion to stop, unload the old filament, dselect the tool, change the extruder drive definition in the M563 command for that tool, select the tool, load and prime the new filament, and resume the print.

  • Highly interested but it seems a bit complicated, did anyone done similar things before? And any examples macro that I can take reference?

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