Duet2 to Ender3 LCD Connection

  • I have searched the web for details of wiring the Duet2 to the Ender3 LCD. The only solution I found was for the Maestro but this has different expansion headers to the Duet2. The CONN_LCD header has some similar connections to the Maestro but is reserved for future development at this time and should not be used.
    Any solutions or help would be gratefully received.

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    @bazza unfortunately, there is no support for driving the Ender 3 LCD in the Duet 2 WiFi firmware. Your options are a PanelDue, or use a phone/tablet to connect over WiFi to the Duet. That way you get the full DWC!


  • Thanks Ian, I kind of guessed something like that, the post was more in hope than anything.


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    I may add 12864 display support in a future version of RRF for Duet WiFi/Ethernet, however it will need a small amount of external hardware (74HCT08 chip) to interface the 3.3V signals on the SPI daughter board connector to the display module.

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