Adjustments between Hotend and Bed

  • A question. the distance between Bed and Hotend, when the printer starts printing, is determined by CURA G-code, or by settings in the config.g file. My printer starts and the distance between Hotend and Bed is 3mm when printing. Has initially made adjustments of Hotend and Bed, as close as possible to Bed. When the printer start printing the distance is 3mm. How to fix this?

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    Based on your other posts about your homing files, I think you may need to adjust your homed position for the Z axis.

    Since you're using a homing switch (at least your homez was set to use a switch) you need to tell the firmware how for the nozzle actually is from the bed when it's homed. That way when the print starts it can move to the first layer height set by the slicer and actually BE at that height.

    If you're 3mm too high, you probably are 3mm above the bed when you're homed.

  • Thanks.
    will do that.

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