runonce.g file purpose ?

  • Hello,

    After generating a RRF3 config file with RepRapFirmware Configuration Tool, the Wifi settings of the board are located in a file called 'runonce.g' that is supposed to be deleted after being executed
    As the M587 command could not be located in config.g file, I understand the purpose of the runonce.g file.
    But it seems to not work. The file stays in the sys folder and is not deleted, and the wifi settings in it are not applied

    I've searched infos about that, but found nothing.


  • I see nothing in the firmware that would run it, or delete it. That string literally does not occur in the reprap source, any version.

    Therefore, I'd believe the intent is for YOU to do both of those things.

  • The file is named 'runonce.g', but the comment in this file mention 'run-once.g'
    About the purpose, I don't have invented it, it's described in the comment in the file.

    ; run-once.g
    ; called after config.g. When it has been executed, it is automatically deleted!
    ; generated by RepRapFirmware Configuration Tool v2.1.8 on Thu Jan 30 2020 01:40:41 GMT+0100 (heure normale d’Europe centrale)
    M552 S0                               ; disable network
    G4 P500                               ; wait half a second
    M552 S1                               ; enable network
    G4 P1000                              ; wait a second
    M587 S"WiFi_SSID" P"WiFi_Password" ; configure WiFi
    M552 S1                               ; enable network

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  • Do you happen to have the JSON file from the online configurator?

    It should be called /sys/config.json

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    The configurator has got ahead of the firmware, because runonce.g isn't implemented in any public release yet.

  • @dc42, Thanks for the answer David.

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