PanelDue sleeping and enclosure options

  • On my second print since sorting and calibrating. The Paneldue seems to have gone to sleep and will not wake up. It beeps when you touch it but screen is blank. It has been on for 3+ 16 hour days and never gone off before. Also is there an adapter to move the small board under the 7" display so I can print an enclosure on my 200 x 200 bed? The 2 piece print is Mickey Mouse at best.

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    PanelDue does not have any backlight timeout. It's worth pressing the Reset button on the PanelDue to see if that gets it working again.

    Assuming that doesn't work, if it has gone dark but still responds to touch then there are a few possibilities:

    • The backlight inverter on the TFT panel has failed
    • The backlight supply is not getting through to the TFT panel
    • The LED_A signal (that controls the brightness) is not getting through to the TFT panel.

  • Well Tom pointed out that I have a jumper in the wrong position. I don't remember moving it but maybe at 2am who knows. It is in the 5V position not 3.3, I do remember checking it but apparently I did not read down far enough to see step 4 about the 3.3V for 7" screen only the 5V power requirements in the Specs so I assumed it was good and never moved it. Question is what did I fry the IC chip? If that's all I will just fix it.

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