Thermistor shared ground ?

  • Confirmation before crimping ....

    I've been running a Prusa Pinda in a temporary lash up but I'm working my way around doing final crimps.

    I have the Prusa Pinda wired, it works, I have it on one of the temperature inputs as a single cable (no ground) as there is only a single ground on the Pinda probe.

    Can I leave it this way or do I need to share the ground on the input to the VSSA pin. The thermistor in the Pinda reads OK and connacting VSSA to ground on the input makes no difference to the reading.

    Just want to confirm that I can leave VSSA disconnected on the temperature input before I do my final crimps.

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    You should leave VSSA disconnected in this case, but the temperature reading will be less accurate as the thermistor is referenced to ground instead of VSSA. I suspect that this won't matter as the amount of temperature compensation needed is small.

  • @dc42 Thanks, appreciated, the temperature is within a degree of the hot end and bed so I can live with that, as you say the compensation provided isn't huge.

    The Prusa Pinda came pretty high in accuracy and repeatability testing carried out by Tom Sanladerer and has been flawless on the Prusa hence my desire to continue using.

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