help for mesh grid

  • Hi there,

    i tried a lot but got it not working. The head always move too long or too short or i get an error (no valid mesh grid).

    This is my setup:

    Could you please help me? Thank you

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    @PuddingBaer91 Is X0 Y0 (bottom left corner) where the X and Y endstops are triggered? So the nozzle is -25mm off the bed in X, and -15 off the bed in Y? And the nozzle can't reach the last 15mm of bed in Y? If so, your M208 commands should be:

    M208 X-25 Y-15 Z0 S1                             ; set axis minima
    M208 X330 Y315 Z350 S0                             ; set axis maxima

    This would limit the nozzle to being within the bed area. With your probe offsets, X-35 Y20, the probe can reach X0, but only 330+10-35=X305. For Y, it can reach from -15+20=Y5 to the nozzle maximum, at 330-15+20=Y335. This would be off the bed, so can just limit that to 330. Then take all of these, and add a 5mm safety margin to get:

    M557 X5:300 Y10:325        ;  probe points 5mm within axis limits


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