Simplify3D dual extruder starting script tuning

  • Hello,

    I've got a DUET powered dual extruder (dual nozzle) machine, I'm trying to tune Simplify3D profile starting script for temperatures for it and could use some help.

    • I want to set different standby and active temperatures for each nozzle
    • I want to minimize the time it takes to start printing (so I'm setting temperature tolerance using M116 Sx)

    This is my current starting script for an ABS/HIPS profile, standby temperatures are 220/200, active temps are 250/230C.

    ; Temperatures
    M140 S[bed0_temperature]
    M104 S[extruder0_temperature] T0
    M104 S[extruder1_temperature] T1
    G10 P0 R220 				; set T0 standby temperatures
    G10 P1 R200 				; set T1 standby temperatures
    M116 H0 S10 			        ; wait for bed temp
    M116 P0 S5				; wait for T0 temp
    • For some reason when current platform temperature is for example 80C and I use a PLA profile that sets platform temperature to 50C it will only start printing when the temperature comes down to 52C. So its ignoring my 10C tolerance and using (standard?) 2C tolerance
    • Is there anything that could be done differently to optimize it more?
    • Can I use M116 for both nozzles at once? Will M116 P0:1 S5 work?

  • administrators

    M105 sets both active and standby temperatures. To control them independently, I suggest you use just G10.

    I suggest the following:

    • Start the bed heating
    • Set active and standby temperatures of both tools using G10
    • Select the second tool (the one you don't use first) e.g. using T1. This turns it on.
    • Immediately select the first tool e.g. using T1. This puts the second tool in standby.
    • Wait for temperatures

    Which firmware version are you using? The S parameter to M116 was added in a fairly recent version.

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