CAN FD Error

  • Hello,

    I use a Duet3 6HC board + a 3HC for controling the heads (1 x servo motor, 2 x heads, 2 x thermocouples, 2 x fans, 2 x filament detection...) + RRF3.01 RC2.
    There is a trigger that check if the chamber is open when launching a print.

    Got strange error messages during a print then the extruder stop print...

    The printer worked again after a reboot.

    Any Ideas ?


  • administrators

    It appears that either board 1 was not responding to CAN messages, or the main board was unable to send CAN messages, or unable to receive them. If it happens again, please try the following so that I can diagnose the cause:

    • Press the reset button on the expansion board. Then run M98 P"config.g" to reinitialise the system. Then see whether commands that involve board v1 work without any more error messages.

    Also, please upgrade both main board and expansion board to 3.01-RC3.

  • And... check your CAN cabling. Unplug and reseat the connectors, etc.

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