Where does -273.1C come from

  • All of a sudden all of my heater temps default to -273.1 when I power up my Duet 2 Wifi.

    spurius text error in duet config 2.PNG

    I can change them to zero, but its bugging my why they are doing this now.
    I found the text "-273.1" on a line by itself in my config file (dont know where it came from but pretty sure I didnt put it there)

    spurius text error in duet config.PNG

    I did delete the text and restarted the duet, but -273.1 keeps coming back as a default temp for all heaters.

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    -273 is the default off temp.

    You probably don't have a G10 P S R in your config.g to set the temps to 0 at startup.

  • @HenryDara -273.1 usually denotes that the heater is turned off (rather than being set to a temperature of zero degrees - the difference is subtle). If you want them to display zero, use G10 R and S to set the active and standby temperatures for each tool to zero in your config.g - e.g. G10 P0 R0 S0. and the same for any other tools. You might need to select a tool as well, so simply put T0 in your config.g (after the G10 commands).

    Edit - typing at the same time as @Phaedrux so didn't notice his response

  • Ahhh, I understand, thanks. 🙂

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