Z max trigger stop z probe dive

  • Is it possible to disable the z probe (on minimum) dive when the zmax endstop is triggered? I want to avoid damage/misalignment of the z screws when it's already at max without knowing it. It seems like it'd be possible with the conditionals in 3.01 but that's still rc.

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    I just leave 3mm of clearance so that even when it's at Zmax it can still drop through the optical endstop for z probe homing.

  • It's not a problem of going through the endstop; it can pass clear through. Say the screws are 1mm away from the end when I turn it off or hit the estop. I want it to be able to read the zmax to know if it should dive or not to keep the screws from bottoming out when it doesn't know where z is. Currently I have it move to the zmax before homing but that is a rather time consuming solution.

  • G1 H1 F240 Z5 does what I want. (besides a feedrate change just a move type change from the generated home configs is all that was needed)

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