10G SUPER LAN Duet wifi problem

  • I just build a beast of a computer it has ryzen CPU. Now the problem seems to be with the second network plug. My 10g super lan when I have my computers cat5 network cable plug into the 10g line on my computer I cant get any files to upload to the duet. It starts and gets all the way to 100 percent. Then throws a error. It doenst tell me what is causing it and there isnt showing up in the gcode log. Now if I switch to the normal cat5 network port on the computer everything will upload fine without any issues. I cant even use cura built in upload feature unless I'm on the one network line. I would really like to keep using my 10g network line. But I also need my to upload to my duet also. Thanks for any help.

  • Might need to view some wireshark logs to provide an answer, preferably for both scenarios.

  • Which Duet?
    Is the Duet connected to the same 10G switch as the computer or a "downstream" switch?
    Check the MTUs of the 10G ports on the computer and 10G switch.
    Check the MTU of the switch port the Duet is connected to.
    Try FTP as well as via the DWC.

  • If it is a Duet (2) Wifi as suggested by the topic then the access point should deal with any MTU issue?

  • Ha! I didn't see the "wifi" in the title 🙂
    Anyway, path MTU is not a guarantee that all devices will deal with it correctly. 10G devices can have an 8K+ MTU which can occasionally cause issues with other devices. Knowing the exact path from the computer to the Duet will help further diagnosis.

  • is a cat5 even capable of handling a 10G network? I was under the impression that it needed a better std of cable such as Cat7!

  • @Dougal1957 said in 10G SUPER LAN Duet wifi problem:

    is a cat5 even capable of handling a 10G network?

    I suppose it could appear to be; there are 2.5G and 5G modes to accommodate Cat5e or poorly terminated Cat6/6a.

    However calling something a "Cat5 network port on the computer" is at best ambiguous. And errors due to poor cabling probably wouldn't consistently manifest at 100% for a single application while everything else assumable works.

  • Except that "100%" reported by the DWC might just mean that the javascript is just reporting it's "done". 🙂
    In any case I think @kordris just needs to give us more info.

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