Overextrusion issue with the hemera

  • I'm getting massive overextrusion with my hemera extruder and I'm not sure why.
    I calibrated my extruder by printing a single wall cube over and over till I reached the perimeter line width that I set in prusa slicer. My current extruder settings are:
    16x microstepping
    395 steps per mm
    Extrusion multiplier set to 0.94%
    Here are some pics: imgur.com/a/D2PsCYc
    This was printed with the same filament which I used to calibrate my extruder. (Prusament lipstick red)

  • My process for calibrating rigid materials...

    • Calibrate e-steps so that 100mm (+/-0.5mm) is delivered when requested when there is no hotend after the extruder. Do not reverse and repeat along the same piece of filament.
    • Check extrusion into free space for 7 speed points ranging from a filament speed of 0.5mm/sec to just over the maximum volumetric limit of the hotend. Eg 10mm3/sec with 3D V6 and PLA. Repeat tests with speed and extrusion distance scaled in order to stablish correction values for linear / non linear extrusion.
    • Set extrusion multiplier to 1.
    • Do a vase mode print on a 25 x 25 x 10mm cuboid with 3mm rads on the corners. Adjust filament diameter (using volumetric extrusion) until wall thickness is accurate. (using digital micrometer)
    • print solid coupons 20 x 20 x 3mm with decreasing extrusion multiplier until there is gaps between the extrusion lines, then back it up a little.
    • Do pressure advance calibration.
    • Check and minimise retraction value.

    Edit: Above assumes you are happy with current extrusion temp setpoint! With the exception of e-steps calibration chamging temp result in a need to start from the beginning for the above.

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    There's also this method.


    Your part looks ok in those pictures. Where is the massive over extrusion?

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