paneldue 7i only displays up to 6 extruders and 1 heated bed?

  • not sure if this can be changed but if I have both the duet2wifi and duex5, will it be able to show all 7 extruders and the 1 bed? I also noticed that when I set an extruder heater port as a bed with M140 P1 H1, I don't see the second heatbed's temperature value on the paneldue display but I do see it on DWC. is that normal?

  • administrators

    PanelDue currently assumes a fixed relationship between heaters, bed and tools. So what you observe is unfortunately normal.

    Due to constraints on display resolution, PanelDue can only display 7 heaters in total. I hope to make it more flexible than it currently is, but the limit of 7 displayed heaters will probably remain.

  • Got it. Thank you!

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