Duet Wifi PWM Fans No Current

  • So kind of surprised here - I went to add a print fan to my smart effector and I discovered the PWM inputs don't work... like at all... (debugged it and bypassed the smart effector entirely with the same results)

    I still get a PWM voltage on the pins that has the 12 V, but when I connect the fan, the voltage drops to ~3V, indicating a current issue. The 12V always-on fans work perfectly and it it doesn't seem. Tested the fan with a power supply... only pulling 0.1 amps.

    Any thoughts on what this could be? This card has been through a lot, so I wouldn't be terribly surprised if something is damaged. It's a version prior to 1.04 (no fuses).

  • @TLAS
    For posterity sake, I just swapped the board out for a Duet Ethernet - it fixed the PWM outputs (so it wasn’t a problem with the smart effector). I think the main problem this board had was the WiFi problems / overheating the WiFi module - not sure if it’s related to the PWM problems or not. I also think there was a possibility of a 220V short into the heater lines at one point, but it was several years back and the heater lines still appear to work.

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