Motor connetor cable as an option

  • Hello!

    David, once again - thanks for great product!
    I am new to 3d print and initially bought cheap printer from china for 190 GBP.

    DuetWiFi made a HUGE difference to print quality and brought pleasure to printing process (silent, easy),

    i would suggest to add an option of connector cables or adapters to be used with standard chineese motors .
    this can be a paid option. this could save people a lot of soldering efforts 🙂 and significantly reduce upgrade time.
    set should include 6 pieces

    link to picture –>!AhtLyZEPcjv9-h7whjDS8YVPNPu_

  • Why not simple crimp the included connectors to the end of the stock cable - after cutting of the existing connector of course?

    No soldering involved.


  • administrators

    Most Chinese stepper motors are sold with wire leads, not connectors. For those that do come with connectors, different brands use different pinouts. So if we offered a cable, customers would still need to determine how the phases are connected and maybe swap some pins in the connector.

  • yes please cables as option - may be 3,- per cable
    so you have to buy extra crimping tool
    and need extra time


  • @c310:

    …................cables or adapters to be used with standard chineese motors ....................

    And thereby hangs the problem - there is no standard for Chinese steppers. Sometimes the cables are wired directly with no socket on the motor, sometimes there is a socket but as David pointed out, the pinout may differ from motor to motor.

    But it's not just steppers. Sooner or later you'll need to change a heater cartridge or a thermistor or some other part and the chances are high that the replacement will have no connector, or the wrong type of connector, or the lead will be too long (or too short). There is no getting away from the fact when you start tinkering, sooner or later you'll have to start fitting your own connectors. It's not to difficult - even a 64 year old with no experience can learn how to do it 🙂

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