Maestro Connection to DWC

  • HI All,
    At my wits end with this and need some help with my Maestro Please.
    Cannot for the life of me connect to DuetWebControl.
    Firmware OK M115 returns correct version (2.05.1)
    IP address done , shows connected on my router.

    I've lost count of the connection attempts, suffice so say its driving me up the wall.

    I've also lost patience switching from page to forum to page and back again , There really should be a more concise way of doing this if it doesn't work out the box other than trolling forums and the internet endlessly picking up fragments of information,
    OK I'll stop nagging now.

    Someones help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance Kenny.

  • could be anything;

    what error message?
    contents of config.g file and /www folder on sd card?

  • Fast response thanks,
    " site cannot be reached" took to long to respond.
    Spat the dummy and reformatted the card, currently empty.

    I've lost count of the variations I've had on the card, all probably wrong through frustration.
    What is the correct files to have on the card and where should they be and in what order.

    Its a tall order but I would appreciate your help.
    Thanks Kenny.

  • just follow this thread

  • Moderator

    Yes, it sounds like the /www folder is either empty, or the contents haven't been put in the right place. If following that other thread doesn't get you sorted, please post a photo showing the folder contents of the /www folder on the SD card. as well as the root of the SD card itself.

  • Thanks very much for both replies, Turned out to be a faulty "brand new" Ethernet cable, sorted now ,
    Thanks Kenny.

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