Slicing issue: poor intermediary “top” layer

  • Slicing issue: poor intermediary “top” layer

    I am printing filament stand. This object has several horizontal surfaces. Only top onу one has good quality. Visible horizontal surfaces that are in the middle are very bad. (see picture) on the right rail i removed top layer by hand 🙂
    I understand that are some settings in slic3r but cannot figure what exactly it is.
    Please advise what parameter should be changed.

    Many thanks!

  • I doubt very much if you'll find a slicer setting that'll fix that. The filament layers should fuse together so you shouldn't be able to remove a layer as you have done. Look up the causes for poor inter layer adhesion. I'd guess the hot end isn't hot enough for the filament you are using but there could be a number of other reasons.

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    It looks to me that you have some over-extrusion. Have you calibrated your extruder steps/mm ?

    You can select in the slicer how many solid top layers to use. I use 3.

  • thanks! issue fixed!

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