New DuetWiFiFirmware 1.13b

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    I have just released new main firmware at (follow the link and then press Raw to download it). The changes since release 1.13 (which was the one installed on all pre-production boards) are:

    • Fixed the issue that caused the microstepping to be set incorrectly if the Duet WiFi was started up with USB power and 12/24V power was subsequently applied. Whenever 12/24V power is lost, the stepper drivers will be re-initialised to the current settings when power is restored.

    • Power input voltage is now monitored. Minimum, current and maximum input voltages are now included in the M122 diagnostics output. The minimum and maximum recorded voltages are reset whenever you run M122.

    • Microcontroller temperature is now monitored. Current temperature is displayed in Duet Web Control, and minimum/current/maximum temperatures are included in the M122 report (again, minimum and maximum recorded values are reset every time you run M122). Please note, the temperature sensor needs to be calibrated, otherwise there may be an error of up to 14C. To calibrate the sensor, start the Duet WiFi from cold, then run M122 to get the minimum MPU temperature, which we will assume was room temperature. Then add line M912 P0 S### to config.g where ### is actual room temperature minus the minimum temperature reported by M122.

    • Bug fix: some of the memory usage statistics displayed by M122 were wildly incorrect.

    To install this firmware, upload it through the Settings page of Duet Web Control. The other firmware files (DuetWebServer.bin and DuetWebControl.bin) have not changed.

    If you are running your Duet WiFi from 24V power, please run M122 occasionally and look at the maximum recorded input voltage. The TMC2660 drivers are rated at 30V when enabled, so the maximum input voltage must not exceed that. Depending on your power supply, the voltage is most likely to rise temporarily under the following conditions:

    • When one or more motors command a fast deceleration from a high speed. For example, on a delta printer during the deceleration phase of a fast downwards move.

    • When the bed heater turns off, if it is powered from the same 24V power supply.

    Please let me know what you find.

  • Just a quick note on this, uploaded the firmware as named and DWC briefly flashed a dialog up that it could not rename the firmware file…

    The firmware seems to have loaded fine and survived a full power cycle but doesn't exist as a file on the mSD card

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    The firmware is loaded into the internal memory on the SAM so does not need to be on the uSD card.

  • Hi !
    I 've installed the latest version1.13b. And i have my last axe moved doing a weird move when resetting. It's a core xy setup.
    Also about the core xy setup, i think it will be great to document much the homexyzall files, i think they work great when you have zprobe but without (and without knowledge…) it's quite a pain !

    Otherwise it's a really good work for a beta !

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    When you said "And i have my last axe moved doing a weird move when resetting.", do you mean that even with the 1.13b firmware, they still move? If so, are they only moving while you are holding down the reset button?

    I have added some documentation on using a microswitch to home Z at

  • Wasn't quite sure were to post this so tacking it in here…
    M540 to set the MAC address would seem to be redundant as it doesn't work, the WiFi module has and reports a different address, in my case 5C-CF-7F-1A-9D-16 and I will assume that is different to others.

    Didn't notice it when i did the IP scan but I was trying to hunt down the Access point connection across the multiple points and they were only reporting by MAC.

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  • Hi,
    Sorry for my late reply, this weird movement happen after a manual move, them a soft reset when changing the config file. I will try with a hard reset to see if it happen. Even with 1.13b firmware

    Thank for the switch doc !

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