Nema 23 with Duet 3 expansion board.

  • Hi @dc42,
    I'm trying to use Nema 23 motor with duet 3 expansion board 3HC. Both the main board and expansion board are connected to a power supply of 30V, 16A supply.
    Case1: Nema 23 motor connected to expansion board: motor not moving, but vibrates a bit
    Case2: Nema 17 motor connected to expansion board, same configuration as before: motor working perfectly
    Case3: Nema 23 motor connected to main board: motor working perfectly

    Can you suggest something so that I can use a Nema 23 with expansion board?

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    @Saurabh Difficult to say, could just be the motor current setting (M906). Please post your config.g.

    What firmware version are you using on the Duet 3? Do you have the same firmware on the expansion board as the main board? Send M115 for the mainboard, send M115 B1 for the expansion board, and post responses.

    Are you using the Duet 3 standalone, or is it connected to a Raspberry Pi? If Raspberry Pi, is everything else up to date?

    Edit: any motor details would be useful, too.


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    Were you using the same cable and connector to connect the Nema 23 motor to the expansion board as you were when you connected it to the main board? If so, and given that you had a Nema 17 motor working with the expansion board (on the same output I presume) then the most likely explanation is that you have a bad crimp on the connector, so that one wire makes contact only intermittently.

    It may help to get a M122 report from the expansion board after trying to move the motor, e.g. if the board uses CAN address 1 then send M122 B1. That may tell you that one phase is open circuit.

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