Duet will not connect

  • Hi, I am sorry if this is trivial stuff but I am new to this.

    I inherited this printer at work and this morning got back to a mess. It was disconnected from the duet control panel and my slicer program. The TC malfunctioned (I am assuming) and the heating element had a meltdown.
    (The printer also stopped mid print while the Heater stayed on.)

    I am trying to figure out what I need to replace but I am unable to get the duet to connect back to the computer at all.

    I saw that these LEDs can help diagnose what the issue is so here is a picture of what lights up when I turn the machine on. (no green LED and the red LED between the usb and reset button isn't on either.)


    I am sure I am leaving out a lot of needed info, I just don't know what is needed.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Here are the definitions of the lights, and a checklist of how to proceed:


  • @Crazyesb said in Duet will not connect:

    no green LED and the red LED between the usb and reset button isn't on either.

    green led is for 3.3v and without that you're dead in the water. first remove the SD card and see if it makes a difference, if still dead remove U2 see if you could apply a (current limited external) 3.3v supply (2-300mA should be good) to see if there are other problems.

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