Runoff 3.3V on expansion socket

  • Hi to all, I bought a pcb relay board as this attached. It runs ok, but I'd like to runoff the psu (so the relais) at end of a print job or remotely instead of by a hand switch on 3.3V wire.
    I check with M81 but it seems that the only way to runoff the relais is putting off the 3.3V. Is there a way, via gcode, to cut 3.3V on expansion socket?
    Anyway, I don't know why this board wants also the ps_on wire.

    Any ideas?


  • administrators

    My impression is that you have purchased one of the few relay boards that doesn't have optically isolated inputs; but I can't be certain form the photos you have posted. Please provide a link to the datasheet or seller's page for that relay module.

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