Magnetic filament sensor + switch

  • I just got one of the magnetic filament sensors and I have two questions about the switch provisions for having the magnetic sensor post extruder and switch before:

    1. Should the filament switch be open or closed with filament present (and is it configurable)?
    2. The switch I currently have has a LED with resistor and capacitor that seems to ground out to the chassis (though at mega ohms of resistance), is it going to cause issues to have this switch plugged into the magnetic sensor? I can probably remove the led et al and remove that path but I'd rather not if not needed.

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    @ddeflyer We generally recommend using an normally closed (NC) microswitch, and should be closed when filament is present. There isn't the option to invert the input on the magnetic sensor.

    Most microswitch boards I've seen seem to be Normally Open, for some reason. You'll have to test the output of your board with a multimeter. Alternatively, I think you could connect it as a second filament sensor, then you have more control over the pin used (assuming you're using RepRapFirmware 3), and whether it is inverted or the pull up resistor is enabled.


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