Use a Second probe (e.g. piezo disc) to measure and set G31 ZXXX

  • Hi there,
    I had an idea:
    is it possible to use a second probe to measure the nozzle offset? (e.g. if you are using a BL-Touch and you swapped the nozzles or if you are using a toolchanger with different tools)
    My idea was:

    1. the BL-Touch (or any other Z-probe) sets the height=0 above the piezo disc (the disk had to be mounted at the bed directing up to the nozzle)
    2. the printhead moves the nozzle above the piezo disc and then measures the z-offset and set this to G31 ZXXX

    So it would be a lot easier to change nozzles and there wouldn't be this problem with measuring with a piece of paper to set the height etc.

    What do you think?

    greetings kuhni

  • No piezo needed. Bare metal touch plate works great.

    See: the script (Z Tool Align Touch Plate). It is designed to set Z offset from tool-to-tool on a tool-changing printer. When run for only one tool, it should still work, producing the offset for that one and only tool.

    Runs on a Raspberry Pi (or really, almost anything that runs Python). Requires network connectivity to the Duet based printer, which can be running Duet-RepRap V2 or V3. Explicitly, it does NOT require a D3+Pi configuration.

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