Cold extrusion/not assigning heaters

  • Hi,

    I'm actually working on a project building a "liquid" 3D printer.
    Therefore I'm using the Duet 2 Maestro running firmware version 3.01-RC4.
    I have only one tool assigned which should pump the cold liquid.
    I want to avoid to fiddle around with M302 command and unnecessary thermistors.
    In an older thread I read that if there is no heater assigned cold extrusion is always possible (
    Using the given firmware I'd therefore express the M563 command under tool definition skipping the heater assignment (H):
    Therefore my M563 looks as follows:
    M563 P0 S"Pump" D0 F0
    Is this the correct expression, or do I need to additionally map heaters or thermistors under the heater definition.

    Thank you

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    No need to mess with thermistors to get cold extrusion working. All you need is M302 P1 in config.g.

  • Thank you for your prompt reply.
    I have tested it but receive an error message as no Thermistor is attached.
    I have alternatively tested the M563 command as mentioned above and it works now by not assigning an heater to the tool.
    Thank you anyway!

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    @FoxLab Bit late to this, but yes, you can define a tool that is just an extruder, as you've already discovered. Glad you got it sorted!


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    Sorry to lead you astray. I learned something new today. I'll update the cold extrudes wiki entry to mention the thermistor requirement and also point out the work around of using a tool without a heater assigned.

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