While printing, disable do auto level points (G32)

  • DuetEthernet v1.04b and RRF3.01-RC6 with Panel Due 7" v1.23.2

    While you are printing, if press Autolevel Button in Panel Due or in DWC touch Autolevel, the machine stop print, and start do Autolevel...
    In PanelDue the button Autolevel and micro-step is very near...

    This is absolutely ilogical and will damage the printer...

    So my wish is:
    While are printing, if you push "Autolevel button in Panel Due" or send G32 command in console, or in DWC press "Autolevel compensation" the printer don't do nothing and continue printing...

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  • @FBG

    Agreed, and at the least there should be a confirmation screen for this as well as any macro that includes G1/2/3 commands that's triggered by human interaction (as in, not in the g code). So many times I've hit Load Filament when trying to hit my Low Acceleration/Jerk macro on my paneldue which promptly tries to extrude 300mm of filament at like 100mms in the middle of my print!

  • Moderator

    I agree it's unfortunate. I may have done the same thing at some point. The PanelDue isn't very intelligent in and of itself. It simply sends gcode commands when you press the buttons. I think it's already in the wishlist to have the button hidden during a print.

    Since the autolevel button on the PanelDue just calls G32 and therefore bed.g macro you can customize it to behave however you wish.

    Perhaps a good idea would be to issue a pause command at the start and then an M291 dialogue with OK/cancel to act as a confirmation. That way if you did accidentally press it, it should be able to cancel it and resume the print. I haven't tried that myself, so I'm not sure if it would even work.

    With conditional gcode it should also be possible to check if a print is in progress and exit the macro if so.

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