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  • Can someone explain what the perceived results are from changing the S value in pressure advance. I am starting with a value of 0.1 on my Kossel Pro and I have reduced my retraction and my prints are very nearly perfect but I was wondering which way to change the value, higher or lower, to get the best results. I understand the theory but want to know what I should be looking for if I change it either way.


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    Without pressure advance, expect to see the extrusion being slightly too thin at the start of a straight line where the head is accelerating, and too thick at the end of the line where it is decelerating. Good places to see this effect are the corners of a cube, and top infill. The ideal amount of pressure advance minimises this effect without reversing it.

  • Thanks, DC but what is the effect of too much or too little pressure advance? I have mine set to 0.1 and results are pretty good but if I tweak it one way or the other, what should I expect to see?

  • at the start/end points of an outer layer, when you find the right balance there should be little to no artifcat(blobs) at the beginning or end of the outer layer line. when perfect you might see the start/end point but not really feel it.

    edit: with too much pressure advance you'll get a blob at the start of the outer most layer of a print
    with too little youll get a blob at the end of the outer most layer of a print

  • Thanks, Sniffle, that's just the information I needed.

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